Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Learning Korean, my way

When you're studying a foreign language, there's a limit to how much you can learn from text books. Here are my tips for improving your language skills a lot quicker:

1. Watch TV shows! It will really help your listening. But don't just watch them, study them. I listen back to parts and write down the dialogue to practice (see my notebook below lol).

2. Get people to speak to you in Korean, not English! And ask, ask, ask if you don't know something.

3. Text books are boring, right? So sometimes I read Korean fashion magazines instead. Newspapers are too meaty, but I can translate a flimsy celeb gossip article pretty easily with a dictionary and pick up some new vocab along the way.

4. Say things just for the sake of saying them. For example, if you go for a coffee and you don't really want an extra espresso shot but you know how to ask for one, just go ahead and order the extra espresso shot anyway.

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