Elderflower Season

영국에서 6월에 딱총나무 꽃피는 계절이다. 시골길에는 딱총나무 꽃향기가 가득한다

It's June, and the English hedgerows are overflowing with frothy white elderflower heads. Get up close to them, and you can smell that gorgeous, distinct elder fragrance.

딱총나무 꽃으로 만든 엘더플라워 코디얼은 영국 전통 음료이다.

This weekend we went elderflower picking, gathering big bagfuls of the creamy-white stuff. The flowers we picked are destined to be made into elderflower cordial, a traditional sweet and refreshing drink. Elderflowers have been used in drinks, syrups and herbal remedies in Europe for centuries, and aside from being delicious they are also purported to have medicinal benefits.

It wasn't long before my fingernails were caked in yellow pollen and there were masses of thunderflies crawling out of our plastic bagged harvest ... Hmm, this flower-picking malarky seems a bit too much like hard work to me ...

If you want to make your own elderflower cordial at home, all you need is some fresh-picked elderflowers, sugar and lemon, plus citric acid if available. Simple and delicious!


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