Typing in Hangeul

For typing Korean on an English keyboard, you'll need to know where the keys are:

qㅂ      wㅈ      eㄷ      rㄱ       tㅅ        yㅛ       uㅕ        iㅑ     o ㅐ   pㅔ
  aㅁ       sㄴ      dㅇ      fㄹ       gㅎ        hㅗ       jㅓ        kㅏ     lㅣ
     zㅋ       xㅌ      cㅊ      vㅍ       bㅠ       nㅜ       mㅡ


Qㅃ    Wㅉ    Eㄸ     Rㄲ     Tㅆ     Yㅛ     Uㅕ     Iㅑ    Oㅒ     Pㅖ

If you have a UK keyboard, the " and @ keys will switch places.

My laptop ... with children's letter stickers

How to add Korean input method in Windows 7:

1. Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change keyboards or other input methods
2. Change Keboards > Add > Korean > Keyboard > Microsoft IME
3. Click all the relevent OK, YES and APPLY buttons, etc.

You should now have a little bar somewhere on your screen that allows you to change between KO (Korean keyboard) and EN (English keyboard). When you're in KO, there's another button that switches between A (English) and 가 (Hangeul), because Korean keyboards have both options. You should also see another button that allows you to input Hanja.

Happy typing!


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