Independence Day - What to do in Seoul this weekend!

If you're wondering what to do this weekend, how about getting out and about and educating yourself on the history of South Korea?

Here are my suggestions of places to visit in Seoul, to celebrate National Liberation Day:

1.  War Memorial of Korea (Click to read full post)

Situated by Yongsan military base, in between Noksapyeong and Samgakji stations, this military history museum and memorial is free to enter, and offers an up-close look at the machines, vehicles and weapons that were used in the Korean War, World War II and the Vietnem War.

Situated near Samgakji station, within walking distance of Itaewon

2. Seodaemun Prison

Definitely worth a visit, Seodaemun Prison History Museum tells the horrifying story of how people involved in the Korean independence movement were imprisoned, tortured and executed by Japanese soldiers, during the years when Korea was under Japanese rule. Be aware, there are some gruesome representations of torture scenes which may be upsetting to some visitors. 

Seodaemun Prison is by Dongnimmun station, exit 3.

3. Seoul National Cemetary (Click to read full post)

Covering a vast area of peaceful, grassy grounds, Seoul National Cemetary is a good place to go to pay your respects to those who fought and died in the Korean Independence Movement and the Korean War.

Dongjak station, exit 8.

4. Seoul Museum of History

Close to Gyeonghuigung Palace in Jongno, Seoul Museum of History contains permanent exhibits showing what Seoul was like under Japanese control, as well as of course many other exhibits showing different periods in Seoul's history.

Gwanghwamun, Seodaemun or Gyeongbokgung station

Even if you don't have time to visit any of these places this weekend, make sure you visit them another time while you're in Seoul, because they all offer an eye-opening and educational insight into how modern day South Korea came into being.


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