Korean Weekly Vocab

I've hit a point in my Korean studies where I'm needing to memorize big chunks of vocab at a faster rate than I'm able to actually put the words into practice in daily life. So I thought it would be helpful to me if I make some vocabulary blog posts, and I hope some of you out there may find it useful, too!

Here are this week's words:

살인 (殺人) murder, homicide
The hanja is literally 'kill person'. I learnt this one by looking over the shoulder of a fellow commuter who was reading the newspaper on the subway. There is some news story out now about some guy who killed someone in Itaewon years ago.

호흡 (呼吸) breathing

단전호흡 (丹田呼吸) A kind of healthy breathing technique where you inhale deeply through the nose, feeling your belly expand, then breathe out slowly through the mouth. I learned this in 판소리 (singing) class.

흡연 (吸煙) smoking (tobacco)
I had just learned '호흡', and I already knew '금연' meaning 'no smoking', so I was able to put the characters together to understand this word when I saw it on a big anti-smoking banner. 흡 means breathe or inhale, and 연 means smoke. Duh!

미로 (迷路) maze, labyrinth
This one I learned at work from my kindergarten kids. Really interesting because 로 means road (really common in street names and things), and 미 means confusion or misleading, so together I guess it means like 'lose the way' or perhaps 'bewildering path' or something.

금일 (今日) today
Very simple Hanja, literally 'this day'. I went to a cafe and they had a sign saying 'Only serving coffee and beverages today' with this word 금일 for today. Too bad because I wanted to order food ㅠㅠ

통증 (痛症) pain
I keep seeing this word on advertisements on the subway, like for painkillers and slipped disc surgery and stuff. I guess a lot of people are in pain ... :(

외우다 memorize
Ugh. I have had to memorize so much recently - Songs, gayageum music, a speech, exam vocab ... So finally after hearing it a billion times from teachers, I have memorized the word for memorize!

Wow ... I didn't do what I set out to do in this post at all! I was going to include just a bunch of theme words from my textbook, because it's what I need to learn and it's what I'm having difficulty learning .... But I ended up just including words I've learned actually in real life outside of lessons! It's just so much more interesting. This is why I will never learn all the textbook stuff lol.


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