Korean Weekly(ish) Vocab #3

cactus  선인장  仙人掌

I don't know why, but the word for 'cactus' keeps coming up in conversation for me. However, I still have trouble memorizing it. The characters literally mean "celestial being, palm of hand" ... so I've got no idea what that's all about ... Is a cactus the hand of a god??

ring-necked pheasant  꿩

This is a nice word to know if you are interested in historical art and design culture, as the pheasant is a motif that often appears in artwork and textiles. It symbolizes nobility and can be seen in designs embroidered on royal clothing.

pocket notebook  수첩  手帖

I'll be honest, I never actually knew this word before, because I always just call it a 노트 ...

help, assistance  협조  協助

This word I learned because I saw it on a sign on an elevator, asking people to assist disabled people.

Finally, here are some useful hanja from this week's words:

手  수  hand (손)

This character can be found in the words: 수갑 (handcuffs), 수건 (hand towel), 박수 (applause, hand clapping), 수공 (handicrafts)

人  인  person (사람)

This is a really easy beginner hanja. It can be found in lots of common words, including: 인사 (greeting), 개인 (individual), 인간 (human being, humankind), 군인 (soldier), 인생 (one's life), 외국인 (foreigner), 한국인 (Korean person)


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